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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare pay for wheelchair transportation?
No, wheelchair trips are non-covered services according to Medicare guidelines, and supplemental policies will only pay when Medicare pays.

Does Medicare pay for transportation to my doctor’s office?
No, trips to doctors’ offices are a non-covered service according to Medicare.

Does Medicare pay for me to be transported from one hospital to another hospital?
Medicare will only pay for transportation from one hospital to another if a needed service is not available at the first hospital. They will not pay for a transport because of the preference of the patient, family or doctor.

What should I do if Medicare denies a claim?
You have the right to appeal any claim that Medicare denies. Sometimes you or your doctor may be able to supply more information than we had available, and Medicare may pay your claim. Follow the directions on your Medicare explanation of benefits.

What do I do if my commercial policy denies a claim?
Call your insurance company and ask them why the claim was denied. Many policies only cover trips into an Emergency Department. You may be able to appeal the claim and submit additional information we did not have.

What if I am unable to pay my entire bill at once?
Please call our office at 812-462-2848 to make monthly payment arrangements.

Terre Haute: (812) 462-1720 Indianapolis: (317) 293-3006 Lafayette: (765) 269-8030 Columbus: (812) 376-3600